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"Modern Medicine- the Old-fashioned Way"

If you are tired of long waits to see your doctor, expensive co-pays and surprise medical bills when insurance denies your claim— you’ve come to the right place.

Direct primary care fosters the relationship between you and your physician, without barriers and red tape imposed by health insurance companies. With an affordable monthly membership fee, your physician works directly for you. Using this model, patients often pay less for labs, procedures and medications. As a patient of a direct primary care practice, you receive personalized care with transparent/upfront pricing, a more accessible physician and many other benefits that allow you to take back control of your health.

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- The Direct Primary Care Difference - 

Magnolia Family Medicine

  • Members can contact their physician at any time via text, email or phone

  • Same day or next day appointments

  • No waiting rooms

  • Zero wait time 

  • No co-pays

  • More time with your doctor

  • Wholesale medication pricing dispensed from clinic

  • Smaller number of patients = more personalized care

  • Transparent/upfront pricing

  • Hassle-free primary care

Conventional Medical Practice 

  • Access to your physician is limited to business hours

  • Limited appointment slots

  • Long waiting times on day of visit

  • Expensive co-pays

  • Rushed appointments

  • Long waits at the pharmacy for medications

  • May see a mid-level provider during busy clinic days

  • Services billed at high rates to maximize reimbursement from insurance companies

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