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We are proud to offer accessible and affordable high-quality healthcare.  



If you are tired of long waits to see your doctor, expensive co-pays and surprise medical bills when insurance denies your claim, you’ve come to the right place. Healthcare is not as it should be, and direct primary care practices like Magnolia Family Medicine are emerging to improve your primary healthcare experience.

At Magnolia Family Medicine, we provide a direct relationship between you and your family physician without the barriers and red tape imposed by health insurance companies. With an affordable monthly membership fee, our patients can enjoy the convenience of no waiting rooms and no co-pays. As a patient, you will know the price of your labs, imaging and other tests before leaving the clinic; and you can contact your doctor via text, call or email at anytime with questions or concerns. Relax, at Magnolia Family Medicine you have longer appointments with your physician. So, if you’re ready to take back control of your health, give us a call. We accept patients with or without health insurance. 

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Kym Moyer, DO

What makes us different?

Conventional Clinic

  • Access to your physician is limited to business hours during the day

  • Limited appointment slots

  • Long waiting times

  • Expensive co-pays

  • Rushed appointments

  • Long waits at the pharmacy for medications

  • May see a mid-level provider during busy clinic days

  • Service billed at high rates to maximize reimbursement from insurance companies

Magnolia Family Medicine

  • Members can contact their doctor at any time via text, email or phone

  • Same day or next day appointments

  • No waiting rooms

  • No co-pays

  • Longer appointments

  • Wholesale medication pricing dispensed from clinic

  • Smaller number of patients= more personalized care

  • Transparent/upfront pricing

  • Hassle-free primary care

Meet Our Doctors


Individual Member | $85 / Month
Children < 18 | $35 / Month

*Children must have an enrolled adult member
No enrollment fees.
No cancellation fees.


Magnolia Family Medicine

174 Saundersville Road

Suite 302

Hendersonville, TN 37075

Phone    615-431-2751

Fax         718-682-3730

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